Siyoun (Hadramout 21) Exclusive

The coalition force has fought at full blast to root out the terrorist organizations from the coast of Hadhramaut in the middle of last year. The Preparations to expel el-Qaida from Mukalla started by a major military campaign. The campaign was not limited only to military actions but included an extensive training of  the soldiers and support their moral mobilization in addition to  the provision of relief convoys that presented by the Emirate the Red Crescent to the disastrous cities which has suffered a lot during reign of the terrorist organization

The quick success that has been achieved by the coalition forces, is a result of the partnership that forged by UAE with the Elite Army and the southern resistance. Cleaning out  the region  takes only few hours that started by marching the land, preceded by aerial bombardment centered on the headquarters of the organization which made no choices to its members except, death, capture or escape

The UAE has reached full conviction that the military victory cannot be attained without restoration of collapsed psychology of the people. The campaign leadership and the Elite army also realized that the security challenges cannot be overcome   without reconstruction of the infrastructure and raising up the level of the general services. The Emirate Red Crescent has played a crucial role in supplying the state institutions as well as the vital projects with the necessary equipment which were or deliberately concealed or lagged behind  by the occupation regime to keep Hadhramaut always linked to the main center in Sana’a. As many liberated cities, Mukllah has faced many challenges which were passed by the concerted efforts of the local community and the unlimited military, security and services support of the UAE

Abd-elslam ,one of the citizens, sees that vanquishing Al Qa’ida in the coastal areas of Hadhramaut, is the second victory of the decisive storm that the history will immortalize, after Aden cleansed the abomination of the Houthi militias. This proves the rooted partnership between the coalition that represented by Saudi Arabia. and UAE and southern resistances. This partnership is a pivotal thing  for the future of the region after the of independence of the southern state. The coalition leadership was fully aware of  what is going on in Mukalla and other cities of the Hadhramaut coast, but they were busy with Aden liberation which is considered as the first step towards restoring Mukalla from the grip of Sana’a terrorist gangs. It is Known that the plans went secretly which was considered as one of the main pillars of its success.

Many issues of this operation still unknown and this is very natural thing  particularly when confronting a hybrid army of the ousted Saleh and Al- Houthi militias which are controlled from Tehran and terrorist organizations. Here, I am expressing my great thankfulness to UAE for their role to support the South to defend themselves from a sectarian scheme that will not exclude anyone 


Khalid Karama,  says that it is natural that the UAE people and government stand by the southern people in these hard circumstances because this a property of good Emirate leaders, the sons of Sheikh Zayed the pride of Arabs who always support the oppressed.

In addition, their honorable attitudes towards the fair issues of the south which the history will record with golden letters. Let’s us Not talk too much about the past but looking forward to the future that needs to put our hands together with Emirates to complete liberating every single soil of Hadhramaut Yemeni occupation forces. Furthermore, we must work together to put an end to the  deliberate security chaos in Wadi Hadhramaut that led by the first military zone forces which has no power except against the Hadhrami civilians.

In fact, the Wadi witnesses almost daily assassinations of the Elite soldiers, southern security men or a social figures but these forces do not move a finger. Even with some cases that targeted some Northern figures or soldiers, which may involve in in the liquidation of the rivalries and  the claim that terrorist elements do not differentiate between one, we  do not notice any condemnation of against criminal deeds

Obaid Qasim assures that the duty of the local authority and the second military zone is to urgently and effectively interfere in the Wadi to put an end to this chaos situation and they must practice their authorities in cooperation with the UAE to restore peace and system, before it becomes too late. This state of lawlessness is an introduction to what is worse and talking about a major military campaign in the Wadie by the first zone forces is a kind of  propaganda and to ease the pressure on the first military zone which comes in parallel with the prime minister ,Bin Dagher, to Sayuin. We say that the Elite Hadhrami forces is ready and willing to spread across the valley to maintain security and peace and the first military zone forces must hand over  their positions to the Elite forces because its role has become almost suspicious.  We hope that Saudi Arabia will be convinced that the safety and security of Hadhramaut is in the hands of its sons and not in the hands of the Northern     forces whom she paid a lot to them without achieving any important victories

that the safety and security of Hadramout is in the hands of its sons and not in the hands of the northern forces, which have been spending years feeding, salaries and gratuities without realizing it. It has one achievement in the game Altba



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