Tarim (Hadramout 21) Exclusive

Tarim remained for long periods of time aloof  from hard line doctrines and their persistent  efforts tried to impact the intellectual and religious principles of this town which is considered the destination of moderation despite all the frequent attempts undertaken  by some suspicious groups that worked to advocate their thoughts covered under  programs and projects of charity and development in order for building a nest and environment that they later could move through

Tarim stayed a protected keep all the blots and conspiracies vanish under its rocks and all the sweeping venomous trends collapse before it

The beacon of moderation and tranquility

The religious school of Tarim presented to the Islamic world the reality of moderation and averageness

Of which the enlightenment overlapped  since ages in all the extremities of the world in moderation that fed by the pure fresh stream  of the prophet Muhammad teachings which are  beyond doubts, suspicion or exaggerations

Tarim religious school have been and still the most prominent school that presented to the world the principles of peace,  tranquility  and coexistence watered by  its fountain of ethics and values


It materialized the true and real Islam pillared on justice and moderation which attracted millions of people all over the world to the warm embrace of Islam

Strong foundations

Tarim religious school followed very committed perceptions in inviting people to Islam leaning  on  moderation and Islamic  science, these two bases shaped  an elevating background that all the thinkers and scholars  agreed it is the most important reason behind the success of the school in converting millions of people all over the world to Islam without swords or  fights and without threatening speeches

Purifying resolutions from orientations

One of the most outstanding attributes  of The propagators  of Tarim  religious school  was the fact that they apply and materialize   what they call other people to. Such a thing one can touch through their good deeds  and works  which is clearly apparent  in east Asia and east Africa  and still carried out by the  recent descendants

Besides purifying  intentions from worldly orientations and doing things  for sake of ALLAH( glory be to him )  are the noticeable  characteristics  of the method of calling  to Islam practiced  by this Islamic school and which has been uphold  as a  steadfast tendency  and doctrine for all the related followers. When the Islamic call becomes a source of fulfilling private utilities and scatters into  political parties there come the fatal troubles and sophistications

So Tarim religious school is still existed and lasting up to now  sending its enlightenment of true Islam for the reason mentioned above

religious and cultural characteristics

Many thinkers support the idea that the main dogmatic and cultural  qualities of Tarim religious school derive  from the notion of rejecting violence and hard lines and leaning on moderation and averageness

Depending on  which  the school can extremely help in solving the general intellectual problems and assist in facing the hard lines and terrorisms calls that the whole area suffers from. It can also assist in establishing   an ideal solution to eradicate  all kinds of extremism as well as   bringing security and stability to Hadramout and All the southern part that  currently experience many  inflicted intellectual excretions which changed many principles of this moderate country

Ignoring Tarim religious school and the role it plays in spreading Islam and its endeavors done  for defending it  against the deformation efforts as well as   the falsification of  the holy Quran versus explanation is considered (according to  some writers opinions),  a fundamental reason in broadening extremism and hard lines nowadays and at the same time narrowing the method of moderation and averageness.

Dar Almustaffa

Many religious  schools and center have been constructed to keep this religious school performing its message

The most distinguished center is Dar Almustafa for Islamic Teachings. It is still new but it becomes a very famous beacon of Islamic enlightenment. Many students who come from many different countries and nationalities study in this center mostly apparently  from the Arabian and Islamic countries like Yemen,  Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Oman, Syria, Jordon, Egypt, Sudan in addition to Australia, the United States of America and other Asian, European and African countries. There are many internal and external schools and Ribats(local name of some specific religious schools) linked and belonged to Dar Almustaffa established  by some graduators from Dar Almustaffa such as  the branches in Indonesia and eastern Africa

Besides there is another school similar to Dar Almustaffa located in Tarim but  dedicated for women called Dar Azzahra

Doctrinal origination

The faculty of Islamic legislation is one of the modern official   educational  centers which is a part of Alaqaff university. They teach the Ashari dogmas overview as a part of the curriculums they adapt. Many lecturers of this college overview  the religious and intellectual notions and issues but with relevance to the doctrines’ fundamentals and in condition of being having mastering in all the Islamic legislation  knowledge and sciences, furthermore they overview the issues in a philosophical viewpoint following typically the same way of philosophers of speech sciences

Tarim Ribatt

Tarim Ribatt is one of the oldest and most important religious schools in Tarim, it is located  in the center  of  the city. It was opened in 14th Muharram 1305( Islamic calendar) a vast number of students from Yemen and from other Islamic countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Somalia, Ethiopia  and the gulf states   study in this big beacon

Balanced contributions

Tarim can serve the Islamic religion and the Islamic nation as well  by the contribution of its scholars. It can also provide intellectual and religious trends to both the Islamic and arabic worlds based on the theological background and viewpoints of Tarim religious school and its counterbalanced thoughts and the averageness of its outlines which are suitable  to cure the complicated problems that  the Islamic world confronts and pays the propagation  taxes of such hard lines that have been spread via religious bodies hostile to Tarim who blot to devastate its school and moderate thought

Scientific justification

The religious method that Tarim use to view Islamic message is always moderate  incarnated with  strong scientific persuasion closet to the hearts and easily understood without any need for exaggeration, pretending, mobilization and provocation. This method was the support of this school which enable it to  invade the extremities of the world conquering the hearts before the homes and owning  the souls before the bodies to add light to the faces of the followers that conforms with the white color of their scarfs 





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