Exclusive Report:International praise for the southern part citizens victories against terrorism… their troops and operations in the north … al-Qaida and Daish in the South


Aden (Hadramout 21) Exclusive


With help and support from the UAE The southern troops have done many  important security achievements during the short  period of freeing  the southern governorates of Hadramout, Aden, Lahij, Abian and parts of Shabwah 

this achievement is realized by cleansing these governorates from the terrorist  organizations. such a thing  deserved  the praise of the international community which at the same time is involved with   the war against terrorism

the compliment has been dully transmitted by the  international commissioner to Yemen; Mr.  Ismail Wald Ash-sheikh Ahmad in some of his former reports presented to the Security Council about the war and crisis in Yemen

cleansing the southern governorates from the terrorist groups revealed to the world that the south is not a fertile atmosphere and environment  for terrorism as it was stimulated by the Saleh regime and Alekhwan organization


The war and the latest events proved that Al-Qaida and Daish in the south were merely made by saleh and Alekhwan  aiming at  capitalizing the west in order for obtaining different kinds of support. In addition to the fears  they got about the south part separation

Al-ssawadeih – Al-Qaida’s power area

Albaida governorate – located south-west to Sanaa,  of which two thirds of total territories controlled by Al-Houthi and saleh Militias – is considered to be the shelter  of the terrorist bodies in Yemen. These groups use this governorate  as a gathering zone for its elements specially after being defeated in the southern part of the country

Al-Sawadeiah village located between Radae And Al-baidha is used as a center of  controlling and managing the terrorist actions and recruiting the new elements. Gaifatt Radae village, that was attacked in an air-dropping operation by the American troops before months such measure happened for the first time in Yemen, this village was considered the base of these organizations since 2014 as well as Al-zahir and Bait-Alzzahab provinces. Furthermore there are  two training camps for these terrorist organizations in this governorate; one is in Al-sawma’a province and the other one  is in Thei-naim provinces namely in Djair in the village of Tiabb

50 air strikes

The massive presence of the terrorist organization camps in Al-baida  Gov. exclusively  in the areas controlled by the Arabian Coalition  is due to the  formerly-signed contracts and bonds of armistice between Alhuthi and Saleh as one part and the terrorist Organizations as the second part

These protocols were sponsored  by local loyal sheikhs of tribes which were followed by frequent captives exchange of great numbers between the two parts  according the Middle East newspaper reports of the last year

American robot planes in the first quarter of the year  2016 launched  about 50 air strikes on different sites and camps of the terrorist organizations, this number of air strikes is more than the current year strikes

amongst them one was air-dropping operation  which resulted in killing big personnel of Al-Qaida like Al-zahab – the Amir (commander) of Al-Qaida in Al-baida and tens of  the elements

Gangs of robberies and murder

in the current year The terrorists arouse intermittently  in Abian governorate -north to Aden- just in some  specific areas with limited terrorist works of Al-Qaida against the military and security  check points in the coastal and countryside villages and provinces of Shuqrah, Ahwar, Al-mahfad and Mudiah

According to some local, tribal and military sources to “Hadramout21” the terrorist elements are available in some villages in Almahfad _the coastal province and in Almaraqishah mounts in Bilad Alfadli village

Besides these elements are sporadically  available in the coastal road that links  Hadramout with Aden explicitly in Alkhubar Area. They rob and murder the passengers passing there from Hadramout to Aden

The area experienced many waylaying and robberies executed against the check points and military personnels and resistance leaders who work with the alliance against terrorism in the zone. The terrorists undertake their  sinful operations and shelter to Modjan valley in Almaraqisha where they are stationed

These terrorist bodies continue to prove their distinct presence in many coastal and mountainous areas in Abian out of  many operation in the area. They moved between Moodia and Almahfad and Alkhubar via very stiff roads. They also have got another camp in Al-naseil wadi in Moodia

Huge military campaign

President Hadi loyal military and security troops which are supported by the Arabian coalition led by KSA and UAE have launched huge military campaign in the middle of the last year to wash the governorate from the terrorist organizations

They succeeded to follow the terrorist groups and execute capturing and searching raids against the hazardous personnel

Besides the alliance air forces and the American drones  executed many air strikes  against Al-Qaida killing and injuring many terrorists including big leaders. More than 28 air strikes were reported by local military guys to be launched,  including robot planes strikes- against these groups

13-17 air strikes for the American drones killing not less than 70 terrorists

The statistics of the military and security forces in Abian  governorate. stated to “Hadramout21” revealed that the military operations and the air strikes in the city killed not less than 70 of the terrorist groups elements, injured  not less than 50 elements and caught not less than 40 elements

In general The raid campaigns executed by the security fence troops against these groups  in most of the governorate provinces were more than 50.

The statistics revealed that The troops also detected more than 14 workshops and factories of blasting charges and explosives. the troops found  weapon stores in the area.

The statistics explained that the groups executed more than 34 terrorist operations targeting the security forces resulted in martyring  about 27 and injuring more than 50 from the forces. Many civilians were collaterally  injured among the forces as they were either passing or available in the attacked places which mostly happened in  Zindjibar – the capital of the governorate.

Neutralizing 89 terrorist operations

11 terorists have been killed and 33 have been injured and other 7 elements have been arrested in Lahij governorate – located  60 kilometres north to Aden

In the other hand more than 420 terrorists have handed themselves to the security forces in about a year and months since the beginning of the military campaign against Al-Qaida

The security troops also carried out   military raids in Lahij in 2016 which led to arresting and following more than 950 elements. The number of the terrorist operation that targeted the security fence troops and the security leadership in the governorate reached 96 operations as reported by lieutenant Saleh Asseid – the head of Lahij police station

A high rank officer in Lahij police declared to “Hadramout21” that the number of the neutralized terrorist operations in the governorate was more than 89

He also reported that 13 workshops of preparing explosive cars and manufacturing blasting materials and explosive belts and blasting charges have been detected in the governorate pointing that the operation against these groups caused 32 martyrs from the security fence troops

95% Secured governorate

The officer also added that the coalition has launched 7 air strikes against the terrorists in the governorate. pointing that some officers with loyalty to Saleh are implicated in running Al-Qaida and Daish in order to disturb the stability and security of the governorate and defusing the coalition efforts in the freed governorates

The officers also added that the governorate became safe and free of the terrorist groups in about 95% of the total area. Besides, he said that there were still some fugitive and hidden elements from the terrorists, but the troops are chasing them until cleansing or arresting them such works also  depends on the collaboration of the people and their notification about the places of these terrorists

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