Houthi leader Yusuf al-Madani reportedly killed

hadramout21: Al Arabiya

Sources of Al Arabiya and Al Hadeth channels reported the killing of Houthi leader Yusuf al-

MadaniAl-Madani is one of the most prominent military leaders of the Houthi militias

Madani was killed on the West Coast Front in Yemen


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On Friday evening, Yemeni activists shared videos of al-Madani who is reportedly killed in the West Coast Front, where he was leading the Houthi militia, after he was appointed commander of the fifth military zone (Hodeidah, Hajjah, Mahweet and Rima)

The Houthi militias have been quick to deny the reports of al-Madani’s death as they did with covering up the news that his brother Taha was also killed for more than a year to keep the morale of its fighters high

Born in 1977 in the directorate of Muhatta in Hajjah province, he was in the middle of his 10 brothers, and the most aspiring to power and leadership

He entered public schools in the mid-1980s but failed to study. His father sent him with his brother Taha to Saada to receive religious teachings by Houthi cleric Majdeldin al-Moeyadi

A few months later, he left Al-Moeyadi school to join Hussain al-Houthi religious youth battalions in the Maran Mountains

Yusuf soon became the spoiled boy the Houthis’ leader, so he sent him in 2002 to Iran through Syria where he received extensive training in the Revolutionary Guards camps

He stayed there for nearly a year, and after his return the Houthi leader offered him his daughter’s hand in marriage a few months before the outbreak of the first war, according to information published by Yemeni researcher Dr. Riyad al-Ghaili

His uncle Hussein al-Houthi participated in the first war in 2004. He was at the top of the wanted list of the state at the time

When the leader of the militant group was trapped, Yusuf al-Madani managed to escape, while the Houthi leader got killed


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