Yemeni army makes progress, liberates several fronts from Houthi grip

The Yemeni army with the support of the Arab Coaltition continues to make progress and liberate more areas in al-Bayda, more recently they took control of the Sada mountain in the Nate district after some battles with the Houthi militia

Meanwhile, the Arab Coalition launched two raids, the first targeting the Houthi controlled Quraishiya Directorate building, and the second targeting Houthi bases in the Homeidah mountain overlooking az-Zuwab which resulted in the destruction of a BMP tank

In the Saada governorate and in Sirwah, Yemeni army and Arab Coalition artillery and air raids targeted Houthi militiamen groups which resulted in the death of one group of militiamen

On the northern front, militiamen continue to be targeted with news of Houthi leader Ibrahim al-Hakim suffering injuries from continued raids

And in Dabab, the Yemeni Army blocked the militia’s attempts to infiltrate the city, killing six militiamen and arresting others

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