Report with photos: camel riders leaves the historical city of Tarim to the shrine of prophet Hood peace be upon him

Report with photos: camel riders leaves the historical city of Tarim to the shrine of prophet Hood ( peace be upon him) announcing the first event of the prophet’s annual holy visit

Tarim (Hadramout 21) Wajdi Sabeeh

.. Today morning Tens of camels left the historical city of Tarim towards the mountain, east of Wadi Hadramou, where the shrine of prophet Hood (peace be upon him) resides, declaring the first event of the well-known annual visit of the Prophet, which lasts for about a week

On celebration of the camel riders leaving many folklore and traditional games and religious rituals have been performed in the presence of crowds of people, camel lovers, Hadramout history and traditions interested people in addition to many international and national mass media

Yesterday afternoon- the fifth of Shaban ( called the day of selection) is the day in which the included camels are stained with henna. The camels are gathered in a common yard, crowds of people and children witness the feast, some skillful painters draw beautiful tattoo on the camels’ backs, necks and legs

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They also write some special short phrases. They bring sensors for burning incense to the place, so smoky fragrances arouse which make the scene spiritually splendid and antique

Today in the early morning the camels were prepared for the long trip and the ornaments were also completed, the camels were clothed with beautiful costumes and other historical reflecting pieces belonging to camels lovers interests. Some other decorations are also added to the camels

In the same morning The camels are expected to reach many famous historical villages east to Hadramout wadi. These areas are Einat village which is the first stop of the visitors

Then comes Qassam village as the second stop where a hot and showing race is held which is witnessed by the people of those areas in an atmosphere full of delight and happiness celebrating the arrival of the visitors of the prophet who come from Tarim and other areas of Hadramout

The journey takes about three days to the shrine of the prophet Hod where the holy visit takes place. The total distance is approximately fifty kilometers passing through a vast number of areas that have a historical link with the holy visit because the visitors are usually hosted by the people and personnel of those areas


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It is known that the visit of the Prophet Hood in the area of Al-ahqaff, east of Hadhramaut dates back to about 700 years and is the largest visit among all the visits held in Hadramout. In the late years the total of visitors was estimated to be a hundred thousand visitors per year

Those visitors descend from Hadramout, other governorates and some Arabic countries like Oman

The visit also provides a very good market for businessmen and traders who come from all parts of Hadramout to sell their goods and present different services to the visitors

The visit is originally a spiritual picnic intended for the sessions of supplicating ALLAH the Almighty, religious sermons and lessons and discussions as well between scholars and apprentices from all places who come to the visit for that reason





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