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exclusive #Report: #Socotra … Development for the Scotorian but bawling for the displeased#


Socotra (Hadramout 21) exclusive

The year 2016 was a special year for the island and the inhabitants of Socotra. In this year an Emirati plane landed  on the island with many businessmen, government officers and civilian on board 

Their mission was to explore the island and to assess and prioritize  its requirements and needs. The  residents of the island had been deprived of their normal  life necessities for decades

One week later many  subsequent airplanes loaded with food landed on the island. In addition to many fuel tankers loaded with fuel arrived at the island harbor.  in order to provide  the island with all kinds of needs. This effort marked the beginning of a new stage for Socotra Island towards prosperity and development.  At the same time in other part of the country  many soldiers from the United Arab Emirates  were celebrating with  the people in Aden the victories of the liberation of the province and the adjacent areas from the hands of the  Iranian-supported militias of  Alhuthi

Before three years, in Marib governorate in the northern part of the country the State of Emirate highlighted their collaboration with the Yemeni people in a big sacrifice of 45 martyrs from their best soldiers  for sake of defending  Yemen and the Yemeni people against the Iranian project. All these events are  a vigorous  part of  the country history, that cannot be changed at any time. They were achieved by blood. This is what the Yemeni people think about the UAE support to Yemen today

Planned  rumors:


The southern activist, Qahtan al-Awdali, is surprised by the news he has described as fabrications, which reported that the Socotrian   has demonstrated against the presence of the UAE in the island.  These news were issued  by The media of Al-Islah Party, and  AL-huthi militias together with other media means funded by Qatar and encouraged by the Iranian media, In coordination with some sides in the legitimate government, which fell into the trap, and ate bait according to the description of the activist Al-awdali, who confirms in his interview for “Hadramout 21,” that he telephoned his cousin, who lives in Socotra with his Socotrian wife to ask about these demonstrations , He answered the activist  denouncing all the pens and voices which lie about Socotra’s sons, who never have denial and arrogance in their dictionary and in the contrary, they respect and estimate the role played by the UAE in Socotra, and that the majority of the people of Socotra appreciate the brotherly attitudes of the leaders of the UAE in terms of the generous support they offered and still provide to the citizens of Socotra who has just  realized  such  real favor  or prosperity since the beginning  of the phase of hope restoring, which has come after the firmness storm

“in the same issue the activist Mr. Ali Bin-Aqil said “We had better ask those who argue and cry for Socotra today, what you have done for this island. Don’t you know that if you want to move from the island to Mukalla, which is the nearest place, you have to wait for weeks to take a boat or a small ship and you have to pay big amounts of money as fees which many Socotrians cannot afford. Don’t you know that even necessary  infrastructures like schools and hospitals were not really found in the island.

If there were some simple buildings they lack Socotrian cadres. Soqatra has many natural and tourist resources and attractions , which can provide big finance more than what the island need to meet   the financial requirements of the island. Actually these resources were not activated and not exploited. When the UAE government interfered in the island to respect the man and the land and to properly invest the nature and the people, we find someone who complain and criticize such intervention

Patriotism Concept:

The mass media of the Muslim Brotherhood has invented ” crisis fabrication” against the UAE about Socotra island, using means and issues by which they tried to persuade the internal public opinion that this case goes within the conception of preserving “national sovereignty”; butting aside the heroic roles played by Emiratis in the patriotism, brotherhood and nationalism battles in defending  Yemen, north and south against the Iranian  interventions

According to some activists and intellectuals, the “patriotism” that the Brotherhood trend strive for is nothing but information instructed to them by sides known to  everyone in the world

“the Hadramian journalist Mr. Hani Musahwar said ” The crisis of Socotra comes within a series of crises that have begun since the cutting of relations with the Qatari regime. The events of Aden, Hadhramout, Taiz and Al-Mahra are all linked to one side which is  the Yemeni Islamic brotherhood,” he demanded in a tweet of his in Twitter . The Yemeni presidency to define its concept of severing relations with Doha, as the Qatari  violations are very distinct

“the activist Mr. Yaser Al-Awadi asked those who claim patriotism” have you ever heard that Al-Islah Party has organized a promotion campaign to support Socotra island and its humanitarian and development prerequisites? The answer is definitely “No we have never heard about any campaign except when they have been instructed by their international organization to offend the UAE and its humanitarian role in the island ignoring any patriotism” 

Al-Houthi publicity corresponded with the Brotherhood’s propaganda, as both of them describe the participation of the UAE in the Arab Coalition for reclaiming of Legitimacy in Yemen as “occupation.” In the same context, former Dubai Police Commander Lieutenant Dhahi Khalfan confirms that “those who protest  the presence of the Emirates in Socotra are the very ones who protest  the country participation in the coalition forces, Emirates has sacrificed its soldiers  to uproot  the Persians agents and clients from Yemen, adding: “The UAE forces who are available  in 85% of the Yemeni territory, help the alliance in achieving the Arabian noble objectives.”

fake wailing

many southern leaders and personnel believe that the “crisis fabrication” against the UAE is considered very uncovered aggression because the UAE is the most outstanding  sibling country that support and agree with the people of the south in all aspects and views. In this purview the head of the Southern Transitional Council’s information department, Lutfi Shattara, commented on the offensive campaign against Socotra and the UAE, saying that the “crisis” with the UAE is a shame, , saying :

“Our Emirati brothers are  in all parts of Yemen,  north and south, but the government has followed Qatar and has become a tool in the hands of Al-Islah party to blackmail the Arabian coalition, which has restored legitimacy to its status

let the people  of Socotra live their lives with respect. You  have left them aside and apart since 1967 until today. Socotra island  belongs to   southern Yemen and its noble people are southern as well.  The hollow trumpets that oppose this truth are against the south and they are either belong to Al-Islah party or part of the legitimacy supporters. They left Al-Houthi damaging the North and  just focused  on the South and the coalition. The south has the final decision in his future because  its future is in the hands of its sons. They have resolved through blood that the subjection and the comeback to Sanaa rule or controlling the south from there has gone forever.

In a brief analysis  of the crisis, the leader and the southern writer Ahmed Omar bin Farid, concludes  that the escalating and worsening political crisis in Socotra is due to the loss of the Yemeni forces  of the control over the south as a result they are  trying to create a political crisis in the island.

Bin Farid added, “in the end what is happening in Socotra is not in any way a kind of occupation as they claim. It is related to some military and security issues the Islamic Brotherhood organization and its allies want to enforce. They are seeking for dividing the island into two regions but this action doesn’t comply with the political and security objectives of the firmness storm and was aborted at the beginning of the intervention. When they found that all of these things happen altogether in Socotra and in few days they realized that the south has gone out of their hands and it is going to separate in steadfast steps. So no wonder to hear their weeping and its echo in all the satellite channels. GOD helps the Arabian coalition against those who are just good weepers and wailers

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