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The old lie of the existence of privet jails in Yemen managed and supervised by the UAE State has emerged to the surface again

At every time when there are intensive and painful strikes against the Houthi forces in the west coast by Alamaliqah southern forces and the legitimate army with the complete support of the Arabic alliance under the leadership of UAE State, Houthis and their hidden alliance wage a cruel media campaign against the legitimate forces and the Arabic alliance. This campaign has embodied in a serial of fake reports in a number of media means locally and internationally

An example of that a recent report issued in the American Associated Press, which also followed by a serial reports broadcasted in the Qatari Channel. Al Jazeerah, which are far from reality

On this regard, the UAE ambassador at UK, Sulayman Al Mazroay, has stated that the UAE has no privet jails in Yemen;  responding to a tweet by the Eimrate activist and Political analyst, Mr. Majed Ara’esi, in which he says that the Arabic and the western media unified their message against the UAE to disgrace the process of liberation; this lie was launched by Aljazeerah and funded by Qatar leaders to market it internationally

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The fabrication of the event:

Mr. Abdelaziz Alaqab, the president of Fiker Association  for the defense  of rights and freedom has confirmed to Hadhramaut 21 that the Muslim brotherhood and Qatar have created this lie and they alleged that these privet jails are used for torturing activists. He adds that these lies are used to confuse the situation and they are untrue     

Mr. Alaqab also stated that the monitoring teams of Fiker Association that spread in Aden and many southern governorates have documented several evidences in which Aljazeerah has fabricated several events in order to mislead the public and distorts the success of UAE in Yemen and  their efforts to drain the source terrorism and eliminate these groups. 

In addition, he adds that ” those who claims that there are privet jails in Yemen, should make  a flying visit to southern Yemen and search for these assumed jails by themselves who later will discover that these are just fantasy news “

Terrorist  individuals:

From its side, the UAE government responded to an investigation published by the Associated Press last Wednesday alleging secret prisons run by the UAE and widespread torture. The UAE mission to the United Nations in Geneva, in a tweet on its official website on Twitter: “The Yemeni authorities are fully controlling the systems of government and prisons, local and federal”

The UAE mission also added, “The UAE has never ever managed prisons or secret detention centers in Yemen,”. “The UAE government’s commission is to  help the Yemeni government and facilitate ICRC visits to support and protect international humanitarian law,” the UAE mission said.

On Its side, the Yemeni government confirmed what the UAE mission to the United Nations in Geneva. According to government sources to “Hadramout 21”, the legitimacy and the words of Deputy Interior Minister Major General Ali Nasser Lakh’sha,  who denies the existence of secret prisons belonging to the UAE in Aden and other provinces.

On this issue, the governor major Farj Salmeen Albhsani declared before about two years that the alliance governments have no relation to the prisons in Hadhramaut governorate. He pointed out that the legitimated security  forces in Hadhramaut are retaining a number of terrorist individuals,  who are demanded internationally, in some fortified prisons and guarded by elite forces which prevent any contraventions.

Prejudiced speech:

As far as concerning the Local human rights organizations, Mr. Ahmad al-Lahouri said that the claim that there are secret prisons is so far from reality. It is just nonsense . In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper in London, al-Lahouri called the organizations that promote the existence of secret jails  in Hadhramaut, whether in the coast or in the interior, to reveal its locations  and lift up their reports to the international organizations.

The Yemeni government says that it allows the International Red Cross to visit its prisons, which was confirmed by Ralph Alhaj, regional spokesman for the International Red Cross, in an interview with Hadramout 21.The latest press release issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which confirmed that it ended a round of visits to a number of prisons in Aden

On this regard, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, stated that  the visits were unique since the outbreak of hostilities three years ago. Several observers view this visit of the highest international organizations is a cute evidence of the falsification of allegations promoted by the Houthi group, the Brotherhood in Yemen, and their alliances  in the State of Qatar, about the existence of secret jails  in southern Yemen

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