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Mohammed el-Menhali was cutting long distance reaches about 80 km. to get  to his school due to the absence of schools in his quarter in Rumah directorate, the eastern gate of Hadhramaut. He  and tens of his peers were suffering the  same misery for more than ten years. Their sufferings  today have ended by opening a secondary school in Rumah where it becomes possible for them  to study without bothering their families with the problem of transportation

The UAE represented in the UEA Red Crescent is the side that has rehabilitated the biggest school in Rumah directorate which was closed since 2009

The school has deteriorated due to the lack of maintenance  of the local authority at that time. The citizens’ joy are so big by opening the school because they realize that the school will graduate teachers, engineers and doctors in the future

Mohammad’s father said that the reopening of the secondary school is the most important utility project for the citizens and all the surrounding villages because it provides the chance to the dropped out students to continue their education

In addition it reduces the high expenses of transportation for the parents and as it is well-known for everyone the hard circumstance that everyone lives today

Clear facts:

The secondary school project in the desert region is tip of the iceberg of what the UAE and its different organization have provided in Hadhramaut which has have the bigger charge of these projects since April 2015 up today

The total of aids has reached $2.73 billion. In addition, the UAE pledged AED 1.84 billion, equivalent to US $ 500 million, to support the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan in Yemen for 2018   

In Hadramout, the UAE has provided various forms of financial and in-kind support to educational, health, water, electricity, health and transport institutions, support for people with special needs, the poor, the destitute and the war wounded. The UAE carried out a wide range of humanitarian and food aid, , In addition to the private projects that are implemented during the month of Ramadan and the most prominent: the feeding the fasting

 Humanitarian Bridge:

The support that has been provided to Hadhramaut governorate has enabled the local authority to improve basic services and enhance security and stability, particularly in the Hadhramaut coastal areas

“The UAE support has strengthened the economic fields in Hadhramaut and included generous support for infrastructure, especially in important sectors such as the electricity, the health and other sectors that meet the needs of citizens, and receives similar attention in the general directorates of Hadhramaut Governorate”

Mr. al-Bahsani also added, “All the efforts of the UAE are highly  appreciated by the citizens of the liberated governorates. We affirm that the UAE leadership, people and  the government have a special place in Hadhrami hearts; it is the bridge along which all the humanity aids have passed and which is the opening of liberation and stability of Hadhramaut.

While the UAE continues to build various developing projects in Hadhramaut, the Houthi militias which are backed Iran continue to loot and plunder Yemenis in the northern governorates. Other sides, within the “legitimacy”, are seeking the opportunity  to destroy what UAE has achieved in a record time. The Looting and pillage deeds were not enough for them but they are trying deliberately to distorted the leading role played by the UAE in Hadhramaut and the south. 

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