#Yemeni National #Army #Advances in Hayfan District, #Taiz

Hadramout21:Asharq Al Awsat
Yemeni National Army forces on Tuesday made new advances in Taiz province fighting fronts, liberating new positions in the Hayfan District, south of the province 

As pro-government forces progressed in Taiz, a noteworthy decline was registered among militia ranks in Nihm district, east of the capital Sanaa and in Saada. On losses incurred, coup militiamen recognized the death of Ashraf Mohammed Ahmed Idris, a coup field commander in al Bayda province 

Army official spokesman Taiz Col. Abdul Basset al-Bahr said that fierce battles fought against armed Houthi militants resulted in the liberation of many vital sites, among which was Jabal Al-Sala and Al-Mimshah, Karab Al-Abous area, Ben Ali market and Al-Khair Institute. The strategic post in Al-Athawar known as Jabal Said Taha was also liberated 

He stressed that victories continue in light of fleeing militants, which suffered heavy losses

Bahr went on to say that the military leadership in Taiz continues its coordination efforts with the Aden-based government and the Saudi-led Arab Coalition leadership 

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Praising achievements scored in Taiz, Bahr cited that successive progress made is due to the aforementioned coordination and has served the people of the province

Reiterating priorities of the military operation’s objectives in Taiz, Bahr listed full liberation, breaking the Houthi-imposed siege and establishing security

Post establishing security, Bahr said public services and state institutions will go back to work normally 

He stressed that “the spread of security is proceeding as planned, and began manifesting”

Fierce fighting south of Taiz erupted alongside renewed coup-state confrontations in the Directorate of Al-Waze’a and the village of Jabal Habashi, nestled in western Al-Waze’a, with National Army forces managing to liberate new sites overlooking the directorate

Clashes breaking out between national army forces and militias in Jabal al-Husn, west of Taiz, killed six militiamen, Yemeni news agency Saba quoted a military source as saying 

National army artillery shelled Houthi militia barracks in Al-Sarham village, the source added 

Other military sources said army forces launched a surprise attack on a militia checkpoint in al-Bayda outskirts, coinciding with air support provided by Arab Coalition air forces that targeted militia concentrations and artillery

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