# Houthi Commander Killed South of #Hodeidah

 Hadramout21:Asharq Al-Awsat
A senior Houthi militia commander has been killed in an attack by the National Army’s ‘Giant Brigades’ on the center of the Duraihimi district, south of Hodeidah

“Commander of the Iranian Houthi rapid intervention forces Sheikh Mansour al-Sudi was killed along with a number of his escorts during the attack,” the Giant brigades said in a brief statement published on its Facebook page

Sudi has led an operation to support Houthi militias in Duraihimi’s battle, and he has recruited many people from Mabyan district in Hajjah governorate, sending them to the battlefronts there, the statement added

The senior Houthi Commander, who goes by the nom de guerre of Abu Humaid, has also led the rapid intervention forces in Duraihimi. He was one of Mabyan’s elders and a member of the local council in the district

The insurgents had sought to keep news of his killing along with the death of Commander of the West Coast axis Abu Hagira away from the spotlight

“Houthi militias have been reacting to their daily losses of lives …. by intensifying the shelling on liberated At Tuhayat District and a number of other liberated villages in Duraihimi, causing losses and material damages,” local residents said

Fighting also continued to rage in Jouf province amid the advance of the National Army forces, supported by the Saudi-led coalition, which liberated a new mountain chain linking the militias’ strongholds in Jouf and Saada provinces after fierce battles that resulted in casualties from both sides, a military source told Asharq Al-Awsat

Saudi-led coalition forces also continued their operations to destroy Houthi sites and reinforcements in various areas, including Hodeidah, the west coast and Amran, where Houthi military targets were attacked in Amshia district

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