#Houthis Transform #UN Warehouse in #Hodeidah into Military Barracks

Hadramout21:Asharq Al-Awsat

Reeling from losses in the west coast, armed Houthis attacked Wednesday a food warehouse used by a UN aid organization in Ad Durayhimi south of Hodeidah, and transformed it into a military barracks, UN and local Yemeni sources said

There has been conflicting information regarding the incident. An official at the International Organization for Migration said the warehouse belongs to the World Food Programme. However, a WFP spokesperson denied it

Another WFP source claimed that the warehouse belongs to the IOM

Asharq Al-Awsat sent on Thursday an email to the Organization, requesting information on the matter, but it received no response by the time the article was written

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A Yemeni soldier commented on the incident, saying the presence of Houthis and their occupation of locations prohibited under international law is not unusual. However, he expressed surprise at the silence of the UN and other organizations in pointing out Houthi violations of international and humanitarian law

Yemeni rights and political activist Baraa Shiban stated that the Houthis succeeded in exploiting the current humanitarian crisis

He said military operations should go in tandem with humanitarian aid for Hodeidah residents

As Yemeni forces complete their mission in Hodeidah, citizens get one step closer to stability in food security. But as long as the city remains under the control of Houthis, citizens would continue to suffer, the activist added

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