Over 140 #Houthi militiamen #killed while #Yemeni army advances in #Saada



Yemen’s legitimate army continues to advance in several areas west of Saada, a military source said

The source confirmed that the army carried out a wide-scale operation during which several key areas were liberated including the Hbeish and al-Safiah mountains that look over Miran

Army forces also continue to advance in the Hajjah governorate, where they have taken control of several villages and valleys, while intense battles continue in areas adjacent to the Haidan directorate in Saada

A military commander stated that over 140 Houthi militiamen were killed during battles in the Zaher directorate, while hundreds more were wounded and Houthi weapons and equipment were destroyed by Arab Coalition air raids

Meanwhile, the Houthi militias have launched large-scale kidnappings of tribal elders and preachers in Saada in an attempt to force tribe members to join Houthi ranks and set up a defense line around Miran where it is believed that Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi resides


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