#The_Army Advances in #Al-Bayda


Hadramout21: Asharq Al- Awsat

Military operations carried out by Saudi-led coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen have killed and injured Houthi field leaders and militants in Hodeidah

Heavy shelling by coalition forces focused on the military positions and gatherings of the Houthi coup militias in the city and its suburbs, according to a military source

Meanwhile, the Yemeni National Army forces and the Popular Resistance in al-Bayda, supported by coalition fighters, advanced in the Qaniyah front of Radman al-Awad district (north) and took over new sites from the militias

“National Army and Popular Resistance forces, supported by the Coalition fighters, managed to control different sites and areas in Qaniyah in Bayda, advancing towards Wahbiyah,” a source from the Popular Resistance explained

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia said its air defense forces have intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen by Houthi militias toward the southern province of Jizan on Saturday evening


It is the latest in a long line of missiles fired by the Iranian-backed Houthis toward the Kingdom, which have so far caused the deaths of 112 civilians and residents and injuring hundreds

Saudi-led Arab coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that the rocket was fired from Yemen’s Saada province towards Jizan city

The air defenses destroyed the missile that was deliberately fired at residential areas, he added. No one was injured in the incident

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