(Finding a hideout contains different types of mines, anti-armor and explosive of severe explosion in the city of al-Shihr, east of Mukalla (Video + photos)


Where intelligence devices with participation of the Hadrami Elite forces in the second military region found a hideout of explosives of terrorist elements in one of the house of al-Shihr directorate, found within 280 mines prepared to detonate and mines T57 anti-armor .

The division of engineering team of the second military Region directly dismantling explosives and mines

After the intelligence information monitor this huge quantum of various mines and explosives, which is processed by the terrorist organization to the work of the new criminal targeting the security of Hadhramaut and Yemen .

The vigilance of the security forces of the Second Military Region succeed in thwarting those terrorist acts that intend to destabilize the security and stability in Hadramaut and commission a great bloody of the sons of this country .

This role is a great security reflects the size of the readiness and ability which is possess by members of the Second Military Region in confronting terrorism and protecting the security of citizens and their property and continue in the fight against terrorism and defeat it by efforts of the joint command of theSecond military Region and the Arab coalition in Hadramout.



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