The #army takes #Hodeidah’s main #hospital from #Houthis


The Yemeni army forces have taken the main hospital in the strategic Red Sea port city of Hodeidah in Yeman from the Houthi militias, government military officials said on Saturday

The May 22 Hospital lies in the east of the city, a key aid conduit

On Thursday, the Yemeni army backed by Arab coalition air strikes entered the city pushing towards the port and using bulldozers to remove concrete road blocks installed by the Houthis

Officials said pro-government forces of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi supported by the coalition took over the hospital on Friday evening

Amnesty International had accused the Houthis on Thursday of “deliberate militarization” of the facility after they stationed fighters on its roof

A medical source told AFP on Wednesday that the Houthi militias forced staff out of the hospital and set up sniper positions

Nearly 80 percent of Yemen’s commercial imports and practically all UN-supervised humanitarian aid pass through Hodeidah’s port

The Houthis have controlled Hodeidah since 2014 when they overran the capital Sanaa and swept through much of the rest of the country, triggering an intervention by the Arab coalition in support of the legitimate government

The Houthi militias have since been driven out of virtually all of the south and much of the Red Sea coast

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