The #Army liberates #strategic post in #al-Bayda


The Yemeni national army, backed by the Arab Coalition supporting the legitimate government, made new progress on Wednesday in the directorate of al-Malajim in the al-Bayda governorate north of the country

A military source said the army liberated the highest summit in the strategic mountain of Surran in al-Malajim directorate following intense fighting with the Houthi militias, resulting in militiamen casualties

The source pointed out that the coalition fighter jets targeted Houthi reinforcements in the area in al-Malajim, destroying convoys of fighters and military equipment in the militias’ positions

In a related military development, dozens of militiamen were either killed or wounded in confrontations with the Yemeni national army in the al-Dhale governorate

According to sources, Yemeni army forces foiled three attacks by the Houthi militias, in which they tried to recover mountainous positions south of Dumat city in the al-Dhale governorate, leading to the death of dozens of militiamen

The Yemeni Army Media Center published a video showing the liberated areas in Dumat, the last stronghold of the Houthis in the southern governorate of Dhale

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