Arab Coalition Commander Says ‘Decisive’ Times in Yemen

Taiz (hadramout21) Asharq Al-Awsat
Saudi-led Arab Coalition Commander Prince Fahad bin Turki on Thursday said Yemen is “undergoing a decisive stage” which will prove the country’s unity.

Turki’s remarks were made during an Arab Coalition delegation’s visit to a pro-government tribe helping fight an Iran-backed coup by Houthi insurgents in Yemen.

Prince Fahad bin Turki was appointed to lead the forces through a royal decree on Feb. 26.

Sanaa governor Abed Al Qawi Sharif, for his part, reiterated his support for the legitimate government headed by Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and praised efforts spent by the Coalition to restore power to legitimate institutions.

This comes at a time when the national army, backed by Coalition air forces, continued advancing, achieving consecutive victories in fierce battles on various fronts.

Military operations have managed to liberate sites, regions and strategic mountains in Al Bayda region, driving Houthis out from their enclaves.

Meanwhile, Houthis continued their assaults against Hodeidah civilians, shelling targets south of the key Red Sea port city.

“Coup militias continue to arrest citizens in Hodeidah neighborhoods in retaliation to advances made by national army forces, which are now positioned less than 5 km away from the city’s eastern gates. Houthis have dug up trenches and erected earth mounds in residential neighborhoods and main streets,” Hodeidah locals told Asharq Al-Awsat.

As for relief efforts taking place in Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s KSRelief signed a contract to provide mobile medical and nutrition clinics worth more than $300,000 in aid of 3,000 displaced people near Hodeidah port.

More than 20,000 displaced Yemenis have benefited from KSRelief programs so far, said Abdullah Al-Moallem, the center’s director of health and environmental division.

The latest initiative is one of many health services operating throughout the country, he added.

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