#First #Tangible Success of #Sweden Talks: #Captives’ Lists

Hadramout21:Asharq Al-Awsat

The process of exchanging detainees and captives lists is the first fruitful outcome of the three days of meetings

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Khaled al-Yamani told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on Saturday that the processes of handing out and receiving the detainees and captives lists will occur within the coming hours, considering the step as positive and constructive for the consultations

During a phone-call, Yamani said that there will be a progress in the airports’ issue including Sanaa airport, on Sunday and Monday

United Nations envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith commended the positive spirit the two parties are demonstrating in the Sweden Consultations 

“The two parties are engaged in a serious and constructive way in discussing the details of confidence-building measures, the reduction of violence, and the framework for negotiations. We hope we will achieve progress during this round of consultations”

Griffiths reiterated the importance of continued restraint on the ground and calls on the two parties to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law 

“We are working to the background of a very fragile situation in Yemen. We hope that de-escalation will be maintained on different front lines, to give a chance for progress to be achieved on the political consultations”

Member of Houthis delegation Abdul-Malik Al-Hajri said enough progress has been made on the airport issue that some positive results could be announced as early as Sunday

“There was a wide-ranging discussion on the re-opening of Sanaa airport and, God willing, there will be some positive results tomorrow on a comprehensive scenario for the reopening of Sanaa airport,” he told a news conference. He suggested Amman, Jordan’s capital, as a candidate for an inspection stopover

UN Resolution 2216 is the Base

Abdel-Wahhab Tawaf, Yemen’s former ambassador to Syria, hailed the talks in Sweden. He lauded the efforts exerted by the UN and the international community to find a comprehensive resolution for the Yemeni crisis

Tawaf stressed that Griffith should rely on the three references as bases for the solution, work on finding a comprehensive solution for the crisis, and not dividing solutions in Yemen in addition to not transforming the role of the UN and aid international organizations in Yemen into a substitute of the role of the Yemeni republican institutions

He added that seeking the way to implement UN resolution 2216 is the basis of the UN work in Yemen

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