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exclusive report:Sports unite the youth of Hadhramaut and revive the economic movement

hadramout21) exclusive report)

Sports competitions have re-inspired the fans of the Hadhrami clubs to cement their relations and has created an intimacy among them which resulted civilized behaviors from the fans of the two teams with absent from all the features of fanaticism or sports spasm. The matches of Hadhramaut Cup  for  the coast and the valley, has been one of the platforms through which the sons of the province have emphasized their consistency as a single block, refusing the division and fragmentation. In addition, it has been  an eloquent political messages from the fans of the two teams, Attadhamin from al- Mukalla and the host  al- Wahda from Tarim.

In the stadiums, the fans of the two clubs have merged and refused to give special seats for the fans of each team. They have stood enthusiastically supporting their teams shoulder by a shoulder each with their own songs and their eyes on their own stars on the field. Everyone has cheered when there was an exciting dodging of the ball or a real attempt to score a goal. Meanwhile the fans of two clubs have rejects any kind of roughhousing committed against any player.

The elegant support and the fair play of the two  teams have been one of the common denominators between the fans of the two clubs. Sometimes, the competition in supporting has taken stages of rising melodies and stormy human waves that gather but don’t not break apart. This harmony reflected the brotherly atmosphere of the match and calm down the nerves of the players.

The match have finished and everybody has celebrated Hadhramaut’s morality, heritage and its sports victory, which promising a good start and the birth of new talented footballers  in the coming future in case that they received special care, attention and material support.

After finishing the match, the big crowds that have come from different parts of the province, have poured out to the markets buying some gifts to their families back, eating fine food all fast and hearty meals which has revived the market movement as well as the restaurants. In spite of the final result of the match, everyone has return home with a big smile drawn on  their faces.

The plan of some sports clubs to move and manage the processions of the masses for  long journeys, is an experiment that must be studied for its association with purely Hadhrami features, where the flags remain raised, no matter how large their size and the throats are loaded with enthusiastic chanting. The system imposes itself on the pattern of the traffic movement back and forth and everyone takes care of the other. And the name of Hadhramaut remains high and no banner competing the South’s banner.


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