Khadija is a girl from Muhabish town in Haja Governorate. She had a deep gash in her leg that made her disabled and can’t walk. Her family is so poor, so they were unable to bear the expenses of her treatment. Khadija was the first case that Ammar started his charitable journey through his Face Book account.  Amar succeeded in conveying her anguish to his followers in Yemen and abroad

Khadija was in need of an artificial joint in her right hip in order to walk properly, but the price of that  joint is beyond the family ability. A relative of Khadija contacted Ammar to find who will restore the hope to her to walk again. In his talks to Hadramout 21, Ammar said, ” Khadija’s family have contacted me and sent all documents to proof her sufferings, I posted their humanitarian appeal through my Face Book page. Thank Allah, I have collected more than $1500. Khadija now can walk after transplanting a new joint to her.

Who is Ammar

In spite of this bad condition of the war and  his existence inside the prison, Ammar Hassan has accomplish what dozens of charities, that are spread along the county,  could do.

Ammar has been behind the bars since seven years for the manslaughter of one his friends. However, he becomes famous for helping hundreds of patients and destitute people by collecting donations through his Facebook account.  Ammar is one of the  a good examples of young men who voluntarily devoted their time and efforts for charitable work in the Arab countries

Ammar says that since he his childhood, he likes to help people and do good. He adds: “It is my nature; I feel so painful when I see someone who is in need of help, but I could not achieve his need and reduce his woes and concerns”. “When I started using social networking sites, I decided to use these means to help people”. “Therefore, I made my Face Book page a platform for  the needy people and as  a fingerprints on humanitarian work. I am very happy to see a poor, homeless, displaced, disabled and marginalized smile”

Hope Restoring: 

In many case the campaigns of fund-raising are faced with suspicions and disgracing and in some cases to different types of harassment by many parties, however, the activist, Ammar Hassan, says that he has never encountered  such problems because what is he doing needs no warrant questioning. In his charitable mission, Ammar always documents the needy cases with audio and image to the donors. And when aids arrive, they are documented by images and handed to the beneficiaries, though it was not requested by the majority of donors because all these deeds are posted on Ammar’s page 

Most of  the followers of Ammar’s Face Book page , shocked when they knew that he was doing all these good deeds from behind the bars of his prison.  They thought that he was moving from a place to a place freely to collect all these donations to the needy people. In his talks to us he said that many people don’t think that I’m a prisoner since seven years, but then one  of my best friends has found out this truth and posted that on his page, without telling me. When I  opened my Face Book page, I found more than 300 messages pointed to me. Everybody in these  posts express his admiration of how could I do all these deeds from inside the prison, I never talked to anyone about my imprison for all this time. After this accident, I officially admitted that I’m a prisoner and posted that in my Face Book account and it was a surprise to them and they have made worked solidarity campaign with me, may Allah bless them. I’ve hidden all my agonies because I don’t  want to complain to anyone except my Lord.

Ammar finishes his talks by saying, “My first message to my friends is that, I thank you  so much for your solidarity with me and your precious efforts to save me from the darkness of the prison”

“second, we should  to fear Allah in everything and to make efforts to help the poor needy people and the patients.” “And should avoid posting  political issues and any other  posts along social media, that would destroy our brotherhood”. “Nowadays, most of the people don’t find what could satisfy their hunger and the essential needs of their children and don’t have the income to cure themselves  or their relatives”. “All those deserve to devote our sincere efforts to them. By these deeds we will succeed in today’s world and the hereafter”.  “We should put the nation and the country’s interest above our own interests. Reconciliation and tolerance are the beginning of a decent life for all the groups that the country embraces”

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