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Exclusive Report: THE WAR AGAINST REGIONALISM  IN THE SOUTH Virtual Beginning But Still

Hadramout21:Exclusive Report

A number of media activist have launched a campaign against regionalism  through social media sites coincide with the announcement of Transitional Council president, Mr. Aidaroos Azzubaidi, to cancel  the Southern anniversary of tolerance and reconciliation. The annulment came as result for fear of Houthi’s attack by using drone strikes as what  has happened in al-Anad recently

Elite of Southern and Transitional activist have started a campaign to purge the social media sites( Facebook, Twitter, etc.) from phantom  characters who have doing their best to create strife and  intrigues among the southerners and fragmenting their national unity. In addition, they have focused on raising public awareness of the danger of circulation of publications through these social sites and  reveal their reality to the public

It is not easy to know the results of this campaign which is limited to the virtual world but it is not transmitted to ground yet. The serious questions here are, what is the most effective way to eliminate the danger of regionalism? And what are the potential hazards of  this issue on the southern affairs  currently and in the future? According to Mr. Mohammad Ali Sha’if, a leader and a political expert in South Movement, says,” answering these questions needs to extrapolate the scene and its relationship to the past, and knowing  who are the beneficiaries in fuelling conflict  to pass their own agendas” 

The Danger of Burying the South Movement:

In his speech to hadramout21 site, Mr. Sha’if adds that ” what has been formed since the beginning of the war including the current complicated scene, in which there are  many conflicting parties each with his own visions and objectives, it is needed to sink deeply to know the backgrounds, motivations and the future dimensions of each of these active parties in scene”. In his viewpoint, Mr. Sha’if sees that the great danger against our Issue lies in spiriting it away from the political scene without any noticeable resistance. In addition, the complicated military formations which have different loyalties and directions  threaten our Issue  more than this hatred regionalism. It is essential to unify these formations in one framework. If they have not been unified,  they will form a real danger to us  and possibly used to pass suspicious agenda  or used to get the bigger portion of the cakes

The Conflict Between the Two Political Projects:

Ali al-Katheiry, a leader in the Transitional Council, views that talking about these regional conflicts in the South is overrated  and  unreal. In his point of view the real conflict is between two competing projects that  struggling to dominate over the South. These two project embodies in the project of fully independence and establishing a Southern State with Full sovereignty and another project that needs to reproduce the dead unity through what is called the federal states

Mr. Al-Katheiry adds also that he is quite sure that the greater majority of the southern in all over the south who carry the choice of the independence as state, country and identity. He also has stated that there is a minority who sides the recreation of the buried unity.  In his opinion, this minority is distributed among the followers of Yemeni government and political parties who are trying to depict the current conflict as regional conflict.  They know that the majority reject their project, so they are doing their best to distort these demands by restoring to recall the past warfare and dye the scene with color of regionalism. Al-Kathiri pointed out that “the Transitional Council, which extends in all governorates and districts of the south, works to consolidate the values of tolerance and southern reconciliation and rejects any calls to conflicts of the past in any way” 

Mr. Al-Katheiry thinks that the Council is also working to abort all the attempts of the Yemeni (northern) forces to blow up the accumulated tolerance, reconciliation and solidarity of the south over the past 13 years. It is obvious that  the Yemeni political forces that opposed to the independence of the south no longer have any means to abort the movement of the south towards independence or stirring conflicts of the past

Regionalism a Hostile Draft:

Mansour Saleh said that “there is no country in the world, all its inhabitants are angels or righteous. Likewise, the south from this entrance the evil makers find their way to use some of our youth who are tempted by little money to badly hurt  the body of their homeland.  A campaign to foment internal strife and to mobilize people against each other in a strange and strange determination to weaken the home front and create a state of uncertainty about what the next South will portray as being full of conflict, fighting and internal differentiation”. He stressed that “making every effort to create the internal row does not affect the awareness of the people in the form desired by the funders of the campaigns of regionalization,” as a principle, “to see any southern effort wasted in the project of hostile dark and backward, not in the direction of support efforts and struggle To build a strong and cohesive southern homeland, to compensate for the years of devastation and destruction that our country suffered during the years of bitter unity

Mr. Saleh also has stated the ways by which this annoying and destroying project can be confronted. He has stressed on Adopting a new awareness project that addressing the public logically and mentally and implanting on them the confidence and hope of good future. Also he has demanded to lift up the public awareness to reject the campaigns of discourage and spread the poison of the squabbling and the rivalry between southerners. On this context, Mr. Saleh has regards such projects that courage the culture of animosity and regionalism are backward projects. They aim to create narrow and weak entities that are establishing for struggling and conflict in future . As Mr. Saleh sees that the only winners in the battle are the enemies of southern renaissance project which we must start to establish for, today but not tomorrow


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