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(Exclusive Report by Hadramout21)

Last Sunday afternoon, the capital city of Hadhramaut Governorate, Mukalla, witnessed a communal seminar for martyrs’ sons and victims of terrorism in Hadhramaut.

Mr. Ahmad al-Hayqi has opened the session with a word on behalf of the of the martyrs and the injuries and has sent the best regards of the governor and the leader of the second military zone, Mr. al-Bahsani. In his speech, Mr. al- Hayqi pointed out that the people of Hadhramaut have paid a heavy price by rendering hundreds of victims for the liberation of Mukalla from the grasp of the terrorist operatives. This victory has achieved by the elite force which has formed by a decision from the Marshal president, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the Arab coalition forces.

On the other hand, the mother of the martyr, Manar Saleh Saeed’s, spoke about the terrorist explosion that took place on the 27th of last Ramadan in which she lost her youngest daughter. The mother thanked the elite forces for purifying the region from these criminal gangs that murdered many innocent lives. In this context, Mr. Hadi el-Jabri, a brother of the martyr Muneer el-Jabri has talked about the martyrs of Ghail Bawzeer in particular and Hadhramaut in general. In his word, he pointed out that whatever we said about them wouldn’t be enough to reward them. Also he talked about the way his brother was martyred who was guarding one of the sites in Ghail Bawazeer.

On his turn the activist, Mr. Omer Ba-Jerdhanah has expressed his psychological sufferings during his detention in prison of these terrorist operatives. According to Mr. Ba-Jerdhanah , that was unforgettable period where we were waiting for death at any time. He added that defeating terrorism needs not military activities, but must be fought mentally and educationally. The people should report any suspicious movements, especially from our sons in the elite forces.

Among the speaker was Mr. Asam Ba-Wazeer a brother of the martyr Hakeem Ba-wazeer who was martyred on 27th of Ramadan in which many families has lost their sons. On that day, his brother before his martyring called him, telling him that they had been surrounded by criminal operatives in the site of the military intelligence in Fwah area. May Allah the Mighty engulf their purified souls in paradise. On this regard, Dr. Abha Ba-Auwaidan, the wife the journalist Mohammad el-Magrami who was detained by al Qaeda elements, , said that all the families in Mukalla has gloomy story with terror.

Now, even after the liberation of Mukalla there are more than thirty people were taken by al-Qaeda while they were withdrawing and her husband was one them. She has done has her best to find him but her endeavours have gone in vain and demanding all parties helping her to know the location of her husband.

At the end of the session all the complaints have lifted up the Arab coalition, the legal government, the leadership of the second military zone and the local authority in Hadhramaut Governorate.

The seminar was attended by the deputy of the governor for youth affairs, Mr. Fhami Ba-dhawie and the official spokesman of the second military zone Mr. Hisham el-Ameri

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