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hadramout21) Exclusive Report)

 By / Ahmed Bajardanah – Mukalla – Hadramout :

                                                                                                                                                                                    Hadramout governorate people have expressed their warm thanks to the government of the United Arab of Emirates for their unlimited support especially for the security departments in the governorate since the liberalization of Hadramout ( the coast ) from the capture of the terrorists 

They ensure that the governorate security has become a strong fence through the Emirati  unlimited support 

The Hadrami people  have showed their thanks through fixing giant  signs in the middle of Mukalla main streets 

جديد داخل المقالة

Those signs convey so many expressions of great  thanks to the government of UAE for their help to settle the security in Hadramout , as if they say ” a good turn deserves another ” Thanks a lot for the  sons of charitable, Zaid 

Last week , Hadramout governor ,the leader of the second military zone, major general Faraj Salmeen Albahsany  initiated the campaign of the second stage of distributing vehicles for the security sections in Hadramout ( the coast area )

That support was part of the program financed by the government of the UAE which aims to rehabilitate the security and police stations 

” This new installment of the special vehicles for the security and police stations in Hadramout will represent specific addition to the security file

Furthermore , it will enlarge the security and enable it to spread  widely in the other provinces ,”    The governor , Abahsany said , thanking the government of the UAE for its unlimited support for the security through its  rehabilitation program which is fostered , financed and supervised by the ministry of interior in the UAE    

On the hand , the representative of the ministry of Emirati interior in Hadramout , colonel Ahmed Almuheiry  clarified that this group of vehicles comes as a completion of the first installment of the  special vehicles , cars , patrols ,ambulances motorbikes for the police stations . ” The total number of those vehicles were about 277 vehicles”, he added 

From his side , The colonel , Gheithan Albahsany ,the deputy manager of security and police in the coast of Hadramout stated that this group of vehicles will be distributed to the western provinces in the coast of Hadramout to reinforce security and ease the policemen performance in flexible way

All this comes as a part of the security plan which is performed by the security section and also as a part of the security rehabilitation financed by the UAE government .  The Emirati financial  support  to the security sections in Hdramout fulfilled  great  unprevented security achievements which  helped to  find stable daily life in most of the  provinces of the governorate 


 The people now lead normal life after the domination of Almukalla by the terrorists  .  The security sections in Mukalla , the capital of Hadramout , has witnessed  great development which comes after great labor exerted by the Arab Alliance Countries , the start was to rehabilitate and supervise  the security forces to liberate Mukalla from Alqaeda terrorist group in April 2006 

After the liberation of Mukalla , The UAE continued supporting and developing the security sections to keep the victories that were achieved and to keep the city safe from any terrorist penetration 

The Emirati support included training and qualifying soldiers , reconstruction of police stations , supplying the security sections with different modern vehicles

At the beginning of this year , The UAE continued supporting the security departments in Hadramout Governorate to enhance their ability and to extend their spread  in new areas . This  is part of the security spread plan to secure the different Hadrami regions and keep them safe from the military movements of Alqaida terrorist group and restrict their movements                                    



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