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( Hadramout 21 – Exclusive )

 A wave of hysteria overran the media channels which belong to the Muslim Brotherhood Organization and Turkey in Qatar . The channels of ( Aljazeera , Alaraby , Suheil and Belqees ) and  their equivalents   waged a frantic attack in a hopeless attempt to blackout the irrefutable facts stated by the vice-minister of interior Ali Nasser Lakhshaa in the session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva . The vice-minister ensured that there are not any secret prisons in the South Governorates . In the same time , the scandal of the torture and compulsory  conceal prisons in Taiz and Mareb which belong to the leadership of  Yemeni reform union   began to appear by the tongue of victims , one after the other

One of the other hurtful strokes that Islah has received was the reply , of the political Marebian activist ,Mohsen Nasser Alketheery , on the Governor Sultan Alarada who denied the existence of secret prisons belong to the Islah in Mareb .Alketheery confirmed the killing and disappearance of many of Mareb people inside these prisons

He also added in response to the lies of Alarada that he declared on Abu Dhabi channel in which he denied the existence of the secret prisons in Mareb

Alketheery said that we’d like to ask Alarada these questions : where did the old man Yahia Dumoom die ? where did Alawadi , Alshereef and Hershel die ? where are the disappeared people ?

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Many people asked the
families of the people who died inside those prisons to know that Alarada is their first enemy and they can bring him to trial  because he denied these prisons and said that he is the responsible for these prisons in case they exist

The old man , who was coming back from Saudi Arabia , arrived to his family dead . He was the victim of the criminal gang that belong to Islah party in Mareb

Those gangs did not find what they committed was enough , they also threatened the victim’s family not to talk about his disappearance

The immigrant Yahia was subjected to prison , torture and his money was stolen as he refused to give it to his jailors and submit to their threatens

Yahia’s case changed into a public opinion after of the leakage of some documents revealing how he was killed by brothers gangs continuing to break the human rights in Mareb

Journalists have also received part of Islah’s persecution , among them was the journalist,Hafez Mateer who was arrested  by security forces belong to Islah and put in secret  prisons in Mareb

After his going out from the prison and in his face book post , the journalist Hafez revealed what was happening in those prisons

In addition to his talk  about small details of suffering , he also promised to present documented stories of misery for people put in those  Islah secret prisons although they were among the heroes who fought Alhoothy rebels

Concerning himself , Hafez said that he was taken by military police as a punishment of what I wrote about those racial gangs and for their interest the journalist Mujahed Alfadhly, who was the manager of the  general relations of public works section also put in jail , was put in jail because he wrote about their corruption

He also revealed the misery of Ismaeel Attashi who was the first founder of the fight resistance against Alhoothy rebels in Alabinat military camp

Attashi is now has a pale thin body because he was about to kill major official  Hoothy who has good relation with  an Islah leader

The Islah leader has warned Attashi not to target The Hoothy leader

The young Yahia Alabdy has also become mad after he had been put in those jails and received many kinds of torture in different sensitive parts of his body and he always remembers his brother martyrs who were fighting Alhoothy in Raimah

Mateer also assured that Islah violations are often directed to the heroes who fight against the rebellion and retrieval of the republic

He also mentioned that there was a lobby who was trying to beat them and cause slow victory as well as withdrawing the  legal government

Islah crimes in Mareb don’t depend only on secret jails , they also treat the tribe men in savage manner because they refuse Islah policies , so they  easily kill tribe leaders

As a reaction , and from time to time  the tribe men attack Islah gangs and gatherings and an example for that was Waielah tribe which revenge from Islah forces when they attacked their military  police and camps that belong ti Islah Party

Waeilah tribe demands were to submit their tribe leaders when they suddenly faced different kinds of arrest campaign  to  their leaders

Those campaigns did not stop and the leaders werenot released from the prisons unless the tribe roughly attacks those forces , the other tribes did the same as  Waielah through attacking Islah forces  and reveling their savage assault against Mareb people and  the tribe members whose governorate was dominated by Muslim brotherhood organization and changed it into military barracks under leadership of military officials from the sons of  The Hill ( Sada’a   – Amran and Sana’a ) . ##
The end

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