The Second Military Zone has a prominent role in securing the coast of #Hadramout .. And an international partnership in the fight against terrorism

Mukalla / Media Center for the Second Military Zone Command:

The second military zone and its forces in the governorate of Hadramout, commander of the second military zone, Major General normalization of civilian life, and return

It has also become a global strategic ally.

All these achievements are the result of three years of hard work and volunteer forces and officers in the military zone, led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United Arab Emirates, to begin modernizing the city of Raml, the capital of the province, and coastal directorates on April 24, 2016. , What a state institutions and looting, and the whole life of the disabled, and collected in isolation from the world, and depleted the province’s resources and revenues, to fuel its air operations.

– Liberation was the beginning:

جديد داخل المقالة

This process of liberation was only the beginning; to prevail the security and safety of the globe, and painted with safety, and stopped after a new chapter of fighting assets, and apply “elite Hadramout” pincer to the forces of evil, and their alliance in their dens, which was their safe haven since their inception, Its control, and it did.

To train later in the second military zone, it began its military operations in Doan, al-Dhali, and resurrected and eliminated the terrorists in their burrows, after they dispersed them, and dispersed their gathering after the liberation of Mukalla and the rest of the directorates of the coast of Hadramout.

– Black Mountains and Faisal:

The most difficult task in the second military zone was in Wadi al-Mussini, with its difficult geographic nature, and its many branching roads and entrances, which reach the coast of Hadramout in the wadis and Shabwa governorate.

Dens have not been obeyed by soldiers’ feet since their inception, and touching them means inevitable death.

However, the sophistication of the leadership, and the courage of the heroes of the Second Military Zone, were the factors of victory, to be cleared in two successive military operations, “Black Mountains” and “Al-Faisal”, parade at the top of the list of international terrorism, to avoid the world

– International support and tribute:

All these tournaments, which have become the “Hadrami elite”, have enjoyed huge strength with international support and praise, in the second military zone.

Strife of international newspapers and official agencies The victory of the Second Military Zone forces over the armed forces that were present in the areas within the limits of their control, and reflected even if the proposals of those dens and fortresses, and only the restricted and isolated areas.

– International trust and partnership:

Efforts to maintain confrontations between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the major UN armed forces in the UN Security Council.

Is it the task of that force?

US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew Toiler with Saudi Ambassador Mohammed Al Jaber in the sequence of that force. Possibilities.

The city of Mukalla, the capital of the province of Hadhramaut, now!

In the USA, based in the Middle East.

Do you have anything in the world?

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